Document Review Workflow

This article provides an overview of a standard Reveal document review workflow.

The diagram below outlines the set of sequential steps associated with a standard Reveal document review workflow.  Below the diagram, there are a series of article links that provide you with detailed instructions on how to perform each step in the process.


50 - 01 - Document Review Workflow


Project Setup

  1. How to Set User Team Membership and Permissions 
  2. How to Create & Manage Tags 
  3. Tag Validation Rules - How to Set, Test and Use 
  4. How to Manage Fields 
  5. How to Manage Redactions 
  6. How to Create Work Folders 
  7. How to Set Work Folder Permissions 


              Project Initiation

              1. How to Create an AI Model - Creating a Classifier 
              2. How To Create AI-Driven Batches to Train Classifier 
              3. How to Create & Manage Assignments aka Batching 
              4. How to Check-Out/In Batches 
              5. How to Code Documents 
              6. How to Customize Review 
              7. How to Apply Redactions 
              8. How to create document productions and export 

              Last Updated 6/28/2024