Document Reports

This article provides an overview of the various Document reports available within Reveal.

File Type

Gives a breakdown of file types by Custodian as selected from a list of all Custodians in the project. Selecting specific custodians dynamically updates an interactive pie chart and tables to display the file types by the selected custodian.

  • File Type --  The main panel is a pie chart of file type percentages for all selected Custodians (the default is all Custodians). There is an Export control in the upper right corner (to PDF, Image or Excel spreadsheet) and a Multi-Select control, which when selected (displays as blue) allows multiple File Type pie slices to be chosen for totaling in the Breakdown and Totals panels below. When there is a current selection a Clear Master Filter control will also be displayed. 
  • Breakdown --  A small exportable table of File Extension totals for the selected Custodians. Selecting a file type from the pie chart will show a breakdown of file extensions in that type; for example, selecting Document from the pie chart may show a Breakdown table including doc, DOC, NULL, pdf, PDF and rtf
  • Totals -- An exportable table of all selected Custodians with the count of each large file type for each Custodian and a total of each file type for the group.

    Load File

    This report provides summary information for each document load: Number of documents, Date Loaded, Batch ID, Custodians, and the document ID Range and Index Status are displayed for each import job. Retrieved entries can be clicked to open the list of documents for the selected load file in the grid view. 



    Last Updated 2/23/2023