Create and Manage a Client - Reveal 11

This article provides both visual and written instructions for setting up the second-tier container for a Reveal instance.

Non-Audio Video Tutorial

A Client is a partition within the Company instance where multiple projects may be created. The initial set of users can then be created and assigned within separate virtual spaces. More than one Client may exist per Company. The term Clients is used in Reveal to designate specific entities that manage a Company's projects and their primary contact information. For example, a Company could be "IBM", and IBM uses multiple law firms to manage their legal matters.  Each law firm would be a Client in Reveal.  Each Client would typically manage multiple legal Projects within the Reveal Instance. An alphanumeric number designated with the Client Name is a unique identifier so that cases can be tracked and billed easily; this number may contain up to 100 characters. 

The creation and management of Clients is done by project managers and administrators either in the back-end Reveal Review Manager or in Company Admin under the Admin screen Flyout Menu in the upper left-hand corner. Here are the steps to setting up a new Client, first in Company Admin in the Reveal user interface, then in Reveal Review Manager.

Create a Client in Company Admin

  1. Log in to Reveal as an Administrator.
  2. Click Admin for any Project in the Project Hub.
  3. In the Project Admin screen, click the Flyout Menu button in the upper left-hand corner.
  4. Select Company Admin.
  5. Company Admin will open to the Clients screen, listing current Clients. 63 - 01 - Client screen in Company Admin
  6. Click Create Client. This will open a blank Client Details screen.
  7. The pieces of information required to create a client are: 
    63 - 02 - Add Client Details screen in Company Admin
    1. Client Name (required)
    2. Client Number (required), and
    3. Client Company (required), selected from a picklist.
    4. Once created, these values cannot be changed.
  8. There are fields below for client address and contact information, as well as Client Notes.
  9. Click SAVE when complete. The screen focus returns to the Clients tab after creating or editing a client.

Create a Client in Review Manager

  1. Log into Review Manager as an Administrator.
  2. Open the Instance Setup Pane.
  3. Click Clients.
  4. The Clients tab appears in the work area. All existing Clients are listed in the top window. Each column may be filtered to display only selected values.
  5.  Add New is the tab where new clients are entered in the bottom pane, which it shares with the default Edit / Delete. 63 - 03 - Clients screen in Review Manager-1
  6. To create a new Client, select the Add New tab.

    • Client Name – the name of the client (required).

    • Client Number – a unique alphanumeric number or short name that you assign to this client. All data are organized by client number, so it is important this value is unique. This number may be up to 100 characters in length (required).

    • Company Name - selected from the dropdown list. If the Company does not exist, use the [...] button to open a window to create it.

    • Use the Optional Values button to expand the window and add additional details such as contact information and addresses.

    • Once you add these, click Insert to add the new client.

      Enter the required fields marked with an asterisk.

  7. To EDIT a client, select the client in the top table to make any edits to the desired Edit / Delete fields and choose Update to complete the changes.


Last Updated 10/18/2022