Troubleshoot a Production

This article provides both visual and written instructions for analyzing production-related issues.

When a Production Job is created, running the Preproduction function allows you to gain information about the job, such as total documents, pages and, most importantly, draw attention to any documents that may error out during production. 72 - 01 - Production Preprocessing select

To start the preproduction process, select the dropdown arrow next to your new Production Job and choose Start Preprocessing - New Documents Only. You will be asked to confirm on start. You also see the ability to reprocess errors from earlier production jobs’ preprocessing.

If preprocessing runs perfectly, a green checkmark will appear next to the processing job. 72 - 02 - Production Preprocessing passed

Most common errors noted during preprocessing require:

  • Checking links to native files,

  • Replacing corrupt native files, or

  • Adjusting excluded documents settings referencing either file extension or work folder.

After fixing any errors or choosing to exclude error causing documents, opening the dropdown arrow again you can choose Start Preprocessing - New and Error Documents Only for the production job to determine whether fixes were successfully applied.


Last Updated 9/29/2023