Troubleshoot Connectors

This article provides both visual and written instructions for analyzing connector-related issues.

The following table set out some common error conditions and solutions for Reveal connectors to third-party platforms.

Relativity® Related

Error Message



ERROR ActionService Tagging.getTagChoiceSummaryCounts failed with unhandled exception.



Check that Relativity® tags are properly set.

connector.activity.RetriableSyncCall.login AndRetry(RetriableSyncCall. java:106) Caused by: LServerException: The TCP/IP connection to the host Relativity_SP, port 1433 has failed. Error: “Relativity_SP: Name or service not known. Verify the connection properties. Make sure that an instance of SQL Server is running on the host and accepting TCP/IP connections at the port. Make sure that TCP connections to the port are not blocked by a firewall.” SQLServerException.make FromDriverError. ConvertConnectException ToSQLServerException

The server cannot resolve the SQL host name provided in the connector setup, or traffic to Relativity® SQL host is blocked on port 1433.


Verify that DNS and/or hosts file includes proper server name/IP info. Verify that the network path is open. SQLServerException.makeFrom DriverError(SQLServer SQLServerException.Convert ConnectExceptionToSQL ServerException(SQLServer

This error normally means that server cannot resolve the sql host name provided in the connector setup. Or traffic to Relativity® SQL host is blocked on port 1433.

Verify DNS and/or hosts file includes proper server name/IP info. Verify network path is open.


ERROR: Failed to ensure access to the dataSource for the updated Ingest.

Due to moved workspace that was originally built to a “new” Rel instance… this then changes the artifact id of the workspace… and we are unable to find what we are looking for.



com.brainspace.plugin. Connector

CommunicationException: either the fieldDisplayName [Field Example] or the idFieldDisplayName [DocID] could not be found f[null]

Brainspace is unable to see the saved search within Relativity®, so reports back that fields have come back as null.

Based on the official Relativity® Guide for 9.6 (applies to 9.5), the below parameter is what you want to change:

“PDVDefaultQuery CacheSize” The default value is 1000, but you’ll want to increase this until you can see your additional saved searches.

Caused by: .SQLServerException: Connection reset

Relativity® source caused reset/network timeout.

Restart session to recover.

Caused by: com.brainspace plugin.exception.ConnectorLogin Exception: REST call returned code: 401, msg=Unauthorized

Connector credentials do not have access to target workspace.

Clear credentials (from profile, clear credentials associated with the connector, retry and provide updated credentials.

ERROR RelativityDB Should not happen: Encountered two Relativity® fields of the same name for the same artifact

Relativity® introduced a new field in the production scheme that sometimes causes conflicts. Production Begin Bates/Production::Begin

Bates and Production End Bates/Production::End Bates. SQL strips out the :: and views it as the same name.

This issue must be corrected in Relativity® by making the fields unique and avoid using the double-colon (::)


ERROR DBAccessDefaults PSQLException encountered with SQLState Caused by: org.postgresql.util PSQLException: Connection to localhost:5432 refused DBConnection Query aborted

Not able to communicate with Postgres Database. Either the database is not running or a local firewall service may have started and be blocking the port (5432)

Check the Postgres service is running. Verify local and network firewalls allow proper access.

Error: Caused by: .SQLServerException: Cannot open database “EDDS requested by the login. The login failed. ClientConnectionId: xxx

Error trying to access Relativity®. This could cause field mapping issues, overlay failures, etc.

Check health and access to Relativity®.


ERROR RelativityPlusResponseHandler Call to



Failed: HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable

This Error is being thrown by Relativity® and Brainspace is unable to retrieve the requested information.


This error typically indicates a network related issue between Brainspace and Relativity®, recommenda­tion is to check for DNS changes.

To test/verify without Brainspace run the following from the command line on the Application Server: curl -vvv -ks https://<Relativity_base_URL>/Relativity/Identity/connect/token

[AsyncProcess-##] ERROR AsyncProcessBase Process [IngestProcess{ingestProcessData=IngestProcessData{datasetId='##', idField='<ID Field>', userId=<userID_GUID>, ingestId=1}}] Exception occurred in phase: WORK. Time: 36246911mscom.purediscovery.brainspace.exception.BDPluginLoginException: No credentials available for connector.

This error is generated when the OAuth2 token for Relativity® has expired.


Re-Authenticate with Relativity® by going into Brainspace and going to “Profile”. Scroll down to “Third Party Authentication” and click “Re-Authenticate”.



Last Updated 8/18/2022