Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions and answers about the initial release of Reveal 11

Q:  How do we know when our environment will be upgraded?

Reveal will reach out to schedule the provisioning of your Reveal 11 environment, which will co-exist with any current Reveal environment supporting active projects.

Q:  Will there be training on Reveal 11?

There is a full and a "mini onboarding" training path for Reveal 11. If you already have a Reveal Academy account, please see for more details.

Q:  Is the documentation out for Reveal 11?

Reveal has a completely re-designed documentation site for Reveal 11, with links to legacy content. See

Q:  Will we still be able to use the Uploader from Review?

Uploader will be available to Reveal administrators for directly uploading batches of data.

Q:  What changes were made to the Uploader if any (size limitations or speed as an example)?

Uploader is integrated with Reveal Processing to provide faster and more robust handling of data imports from the user interface. Detailed status and reporting for upload jobs will be available in Reveal Processing as well as in the Jobs Management > Uploads table.

Q:  Will users be able to be logged into R11 and R10 at the same time to do comparisons?

User will be able to log in to Reveal 11 and to Reveal 10 using the same single sign-on (SSO) credentials to examine and work on projects in each environment.

Q:  Any changes to our Perimeter 81 accounts and how we will need to access both platforms?

Perimeter 81 accounts will continue as before, with the addition of one or more Application links to Reveal 11 resources. These new resources will look familiar to those accustomed to Reveal 10.

Q:  Can I migrate projects from Reveal 10 to Reveal 11 that involve Brainspace?

Currently, customers are not able to migrate Reveal 10 projects that have used the Brainspace Connector to cull data or create classifiers.

Q:  Does Reveal 11 include all the features available in the standalone version of Brainspace?

Although many of the commonly used features such as the Cluster Wheel, Dashboard, and Concept Search are available in Reveal 11, there are features that are not yet available. Updates will be posted on the Reveal documentation site regarding feature availability. 


Last Updated 6/28/2024